(Gregory Gallant)

[contacted by Marc Bastijns]
Books of Seth (1962, Canada):
Bannock, Beans & Black Tea (Drawn & Quarterly)Clyde Fans (Drawn & Quarterly)It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken (Drawn & Quarterly)Mr. X (issue 6 to 13)Palookaville (17 issues, Seuil)Vernacular Drawings (Drawn & Quarterly)Wimbledon Green (Drawn & Quarterly).


I would have gladly responded to this if only I had something to
write. Unfortunately, I did not grow up reading any of Franquin's work and am mostly unfamiliar with it. Hergé had a large impact on me but Franquin has remained mostly a mystery to me. It does not seem to have made it across the ocean into English Canada during my formative years. Undoubtedly I have missed out on something. My apologies.