Ole Comoll

[contacted by Wouter Porteman]
Books of Ole Comoll Christensen (1964, Denmark):
(written by Niels Sondergaard, 3 comics, Carlsen Comics)Undsondringer (Fahrenheit).

Website: www.comoll.com
What makes Franquin so special?
It's been years since I read any Franquin-comics, but I would still rate him as one of my favourite comic artists. To me, his main quality lies in his ability to — more than anyone — put life and character into virtually anything — people, animals and dead objects with his dymanic lines. Even a lamp or a book becomes interesting, comes alive.
What was your first contact with the man his work? What do you remember of it? Did you met him personal?
I've never met Franquin personally. I first came in contact with his work through Danish translations of Spirou in the late seventies, then with the Gaston and Marsupilami stories, then his black and white work.
What is your favourable Franquin album, -adventure, -joke or -character and why?
It's been too long since I read the comics to identify any favourites.
Has Franquin influenced your work?
Well, I can say that the comic story I'm working on now, although it looks nothing like Franquin, was conceived at the Gaston Café in Copenhagen. (http://www.aok.dk/profile/4972, Gaston is called Viggo in the Danish translation, hence Café Viggo). That's one kind of influence.
And I do think that Franquin has influenced some of my drawing styles, either directly or through artists like Didier Conrad.

What impact has Franquin on the comic world today?
Franquin's influence is still to be found everywhere as far as I can see.